Inside Eyerie

Providing a comprehensive, holistic approach
to succeeding in graduate studies.

We're in the business of growing your mind.

Our upcoming program will include:

  • Published Eyerie Academics workbooks
  • Wellness sessions with licensed mental health professionals
  • Workshops with paid tutors to review NBEO examination content
  • Why choose Eyerie?

    Learn to manage test anxiety

    Our teachers' approach to the curriculum is hands down, second to none. Their skills will have your focus at 100%.

    Address issues that prevent effective study habits

    Whether online or live presentation, our teachers have excellent communication skills to deliver the subject and give you the learning experience possible.

    Learn methods to retain information while studying

    Our courses are supported by a board of certified doctors with years of experience.

    Top Speakers

    Dr. Janis James

    Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Janis James earned her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

    Dr. Camille Cohen

    Dr. Camille F. Cohen earned her Doctorate of Optometry, in 2014, from Salus University. She has her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from The University of Miami.


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